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Interface NftTransferCall

Transfer token and call a method on a receiver contract. A successful workflow will end in a success execution outcome to the callback on the NFT contract at the method nft_resolve_transfer.

You can think of this as being similar to attaching native NEAR tokens to a function call. It allows you to attach any Non-Fungible Token in a call to a receiver contract.


  • Caller of the method must attach a deposit of 1 yoctoⓃ for security purposes
  • Contract MUST panic if called by someone other than token owner or, if using Approval Management, one of the approved accounts
  • The receiving contract must implement ft_on_transfer according to the standard. If it does not, FT contract's ft_resolve_transfer MUST deal with the resulting failed cross-contract call and roll back the transfer.
  • Contract MUST implement the behavior described in ft_resolve_transfer
  • approval_id is for use with Approval Management extension, see that document for full explanation.
  • If using Approval Management, contract MUST nullify approved accounts on successful transfer.


  • receiver_id: the valid NEAR account receiving the token.
  • token_id: the token to send.
  • approval_id: expected approval ID. A number smaller than 2^53, and therefore representable as JSON. See Approval Management standard for full explanation.
  • memo (optional): for use cases that may benefit from indexing or providing information for a transfer.
  • msg: specifies information needed by the receiving contract in order to properly handle the transfer. Can indicate both a function to call and the parameters to pass to that function.



  • NftTransferCall




args: { approval_id?: number; memo?: string; msg: string; receiver_id: string; token_id: string }

Type declaration

  • Optional approval_id?: number
  • Optional memo?: string
  • msg: string
  • receiver_id: string
  • token_id: string
options: { attachedDeposit?: string; gas?: string }

Type declaration

  • Optional attachedDeposit?: string

    Units in yoctoNear



  • Optional gas?: string

    Units in gas





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