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Type aliases

Type aliases

AccountId: string






AddAdmin__Result: boolean
AddWhitelistAccounts__Result: boolean
Admins__Result: AccountId[]
Balance: U128

Balance is a type for storing amounts of tokens, specified in yoctoNEAR.

Base64VecU8: string

base64 string.

BasisPoint: u16
CheckKey__Result: boolean
CloseSale__Result: boolean
CostOfLinkdrop__Result: U128
CostPerToken__Result: U128
CreateLinkdrop__Result: void
Duration: u64

Raw type for duration in nanoseconds

Gas: u64

Represents the amount of NEAR tokens in "gas units" which are used to fund transactions.

GetKeyBalance__Result: U128
GetLinkdropContract__Result: AccountId
GetSaleInfo__Result: SaleInfo
GetUserSaleInfo__Result: UserSaleInfo
Initial__Result: u64
MintRateLimit__Result: u16 | null
NewDefaultMeta__Result: void
New__Result: void
NftApprove__Result: void
NftIsApproved__Result: boolean
NftMetadata__Result: NftContractMetadata
NftMintMany__Result: Token[]
NftMintOne__Result: Token
NftMint__Result: Token
NftPayout__Result: Payout
NftRevokeAll__Result: void
NftRevoke__Result: void
NftSupplyForOwner__Result: U128
NftToken__Result: Token | null
NftTokensForOwner__Result: Token[]
NftTokens__Result: Token[]
NftTotalSupply__Result: U128
NftTransferCall__Result: void
NftTransferPayout__Result: Payout
NftTransfer__Result: void
Owner__Result: AccountId
PublicKey: string

Public key in a binary format with base58 string serialization with human-readable curve. The key types currently supported are secp256k1 and ed25519.

Ed25519 public keys accepted are 32 bytes and secp256k1 keys are the uncompressed 64 format.

RemainingAllowance__Result: u16 | null
RemoveWhitelistAccount__Result: u16 | null
StartPresale__Result: boolean
StartSale__Result: boolean
StorageUsage: u64

StorageUsage is used to count the amount of storage used by a contract.

Timestamp: u64

Raw type for timestamp in nanoseconds

TimestampMs: u64

milliseconds elapsed since the UNIX epoch

TokenId: string

Note that token IDs for NFTs are strings on NEAR. It's still fine to use autoincrementing numbers as unique IDs if desired, but they should be stringified. This is to make IDs more future-proof as chain-agnostic conventions and standards arise, and allows for more flexibility with considerations like bridging NFTs across chains, etc.

TokenStorageCost__Result: U128
TokensLeft__Result: u32
TotalCost__Result: U128
TransferOwnership__Result: boolean
U128: string

String representation of a u128-bit integer



UpdateAllowance__Result: boolean
UpdateInitialRoyalties__Result: boolean
UpdatePresalePrice__Result: boolean
UpdatePresaleStart__Result: boolean
UpdatePrice__Result: boolean
UpdatePublicSaleStart__Result: boolean
UpdateRoyalties__Result: boolean
UpdateUri__Result: boolean
UpdateWhitelistAccounts__Result: boolean
Whitelisted__Result: boolean
WrappedDuration: string
YoctoNear: U128

String of yocto NEAR; 1N = 1000000000000000000000000 yN

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